thematic learning community

A learning community is a group of students who live in close proximity to one another in a residence hall and engage in shared activities and service-learning opportunities. Thematic learning communities focus on specific majors, academic interests or other common themes.

Thematic learning communities:

  • are located on specific floors in 17 different halls (some popular TLCs are located in multiple halls)
  • focus on one specific major, academic interest or common learning theme per TLC
  • may have specific eligibility criteria
  • provide some structure, which may help balance academic and social commitments
  • provide group learning assignments and activities
  • offer study-group opportunities
  • may include a few sophomores, juniors and seniors throughout the TLC

Many freshman interest groups (FIGs) are nested within related TLCs. 

TLCs make up 38 percent of all spaces in the residence halls.