academic standing

Students are identified as having one of three different types of academic standing or status.

  • Regular academic standing
    Students whose term and cumulative grade point averages are 2.0 or higher are in good standing (or regular standing).
  • Probation
    Students in good standing whose term grade point average falls below 2.0 (but above 1.0) are placed on academic probation. (There are multiple levels of subsequent probation depending on how many semesters a student has earned unacceptable grades and on how low the grades are: e.g., continued on probation, final probation.)
  • Ineligible to enroll
    Students on probation who fail to raise the cumulative GPA to the minimum required in the time allowed and students who earn a term grade point average of less than 1.0 are ordinarily dismissed (or, in other words, declared ineligible to re-enroll).