Audrey J. Walton Stadium

Dedicated at the 1998 Big 12 Track & Field Championships, the Walton Stadium was quickly recognized as one of the finest track and soccer stadiums in the Midwest.

Its innovative design was furthered in 2006 when the existing track was resurfaced and the addition of a state-of-the-art throws field on the stadium’s north-end was completed. Recognized as one of the top facilities in the nation, Walton Stadium underwent an additional resurfacing in 2013.

The stadium possesses all the amenities that comprise the nation’s top dual-sport facilities. Sitting along the west side of the track, the stadium serves both the track and soccer teams, as well as softball. With home plate set alongside the track/soccer venue, the service facilities of Walton Stadium play double-duty, offering restrooms, concession stands, and ticket booths for spectators of all three sports. Along with the fan accommodations, Walton Stadium also offers a full-size press box for softball, track, and soccer media.